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U.S. BOMBS YEMEN ‘Obama’s NSA Wag the Dog Cover-up’

by on August 8, 2013 in Featured, Most Read, U.S., World

U.S. BOMBS YEMEN ‘Obama’s NSA Wag the Dog Cover-up’

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In further signs of a deteriorating empire grasping at straws, the United States bombs Yemen once again as part of its democratization process in the Middle East.

I’m Christopher Greene and you’re watching AMTV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA TELEVISION.

Nothing spreads peace and love better than a drone strike, pushing a red button and blowing up a moving vehicle of top al-Qaeda militants near a preschool. Violence is always the answer for the U.S., having unleashed a series of 4 Xbox inspired unmanned drone strikes over the past 10 days. In the recent attack, it is believed four Al-Qaeda militants were killed in response to a heightened security alert at American embassies in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Terror met with terror, the natural response of a fear-mongering nation set on destroying civil liberties and the Constitutional Republic. How much longer do we have before open air drone strikes at a local Starbucks or Walmart of American citizens? Obama’s NDAA in action and targeting of suspected al-Qaida affiliates and free speech advocates like the one you’re watching. INCOMING!

America fixates on the race fueled drama of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman for months and debates itself silly on racism in America while at the same time looking past the gross atrocities committed by the United States and Obama administration overseas on a daily basis. But why? How is murder any different over there than when it’s committed here in our own backyards? Obama, a self-proclaimed Christian is an advocate of murder?

Is America just plain dumb? Or are they comfortable with the double standard? Is murder and violence perpetrated by the US somehow a more comfortable experience as long as no American has to see the blood and guts in their own backyard? Or is MURDER of other people the only reason we have stability in our structurally insolvent and increasingly fragile and overleveraged commercialized nation heavily dependent on foreign oil? I mean after all, who wants to give up their iPads or caramel macchiato any time soon? Isn’t that the American Dream? A bunch of lazy fat asses like Chris Christie chomping down ice cream cones and licking their balls?

According to the White House, recent drone strikes in Yemen are allegedly in response to intercepted ‘secret messages’ between Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri and Nasser al-Wahisi, the leader of the Yemen-based Al-Qaida affiliate in the Arabian Peninsula, about plans for a major terror attack in the United States. Oooo… I’m so scared. Of course we know this is bullshit, an epic wag the dog scenario post the NSA and Snowden leaks but somehow Americans buy the same pitch hook, line and sinker.

The bottom line is terrorism can’t be stopped. Especially terrorism perpetrated by the United States. And no terror alert, embassy shutdown or massive NSA surveillance state is going to stop it. The threat of terrorism will only be used to continue flushing your rights down the toilet because the more you live in fear, the more they can take away from you and the more power these people have for themselves, the better. Kings ruling over peasants no different than any other time in history. INCOMING!

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