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by on February 18, 2013 in Featured, World


Welcome back to AMTV News, I?m your anchor Topher Morrison.  It?s Monday, February 17, 2013.

Is Libya About to Break Up?

RT & Voice of Russia

It’s been two years since Barack Obama, at the behest of the UN and through NATO, overthrew Muammar Ghaddafi, I wonder how they?re doing.

The Voice of Russia reports: ?the ?democracy? the West had once been so fervent in forcing upon Libya looks more like a medieval rule, according to Director of the Cairo-based Java Center for Political Studies Rifaat Sayed Ahmad.?

Beset by ineffectual central authority in Tripoli, unable to form a government let alone temper tribal and religious conflict ripping the country apart and rather than having become a peaceful neighbor and stable democracy as NATO and Barack Obama intended Libya is now the epicenter for regional destabilization.

Whether it was the oppression of the black Africans in the south, fomenting the radical Islamist movements in Mali and Algeria or supplying excess heavy weapons to the civil war raging in Syria, Libya is a failed state and the infamous Western military alliance is responsible.  In fact some analysts anticipate Libya to break into two to three separate states as mass protests continue to conflagrate.

One activist in Libya captures the discontent for AP citing in two years ?nothing has been accomplished, no security, no infrastructure, no housing.?  Moreover religious toleration has plummeted as nearly every country in the Arab Winter has experienced an exodus and in the case of four Christian missionaries in Benghazi – arrest.  Whether its Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt or Syria Christians have been under attack or driven out.  While Muslim nations have been liberated their freedoms and likely their prospects have conversely been severely abridged.

Col. Gaddafi, the 8th wealthiest person in history, was strong enough to hold a traditionally regionalized nation together.  The silver lining may in fact be a return to this historical regional automony of Tripolitania in the West and Cyrenaica in the East.  While many contend they would then be easier to control by stronger external forces the rampant chaos experienced by Libya?s citizens can?t be much worse.

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Topher Morrison is the editor and a regular contributor at GreeneWave and creator of his own blog at PurpleSerf.com. He holds B.A.s in Political Science and Philosophy from Arizona State University. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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