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by on February 22, 2013 in Featured, U.S.


Welcome back to AMTV News, I?m your anchor Topher Morrison.  It?s Thursday, February 21st, 2013.

Red State, Human Events, Investors Business Daily, & Christopher Greene

Your first lesson in political science often wrestles with the definition of the state, its functions, etc.  One of the main tenants necessary to the health of the state is the monopoly of violence; the government?s ability to at least maintain lethal parity with its people if not overwhelming force.

Since last spring the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, including even the Social Security Administration has accumulated or ordered 1.6 billion bullets, in other words, enough ammunition to prosecute a 24-year-long war in Iraq, but we?re not going back to Baghdad. This has been covered ad nauseum, but this is not conspiracy theory, nor is it conjecture to point out this is a natural reaction of the state when its populace is commensurately arming itself.

Often we are so obsessed with individuals and bureaucracies we forget to just take a step back at look at the leviathan itself ? the growing tapestry of tyranny soft and hard.  Obama has been called a front man, literally a new mask on an old character and it makes sense when you make the minimum commitment recognize ?the beast? has taken on a life of its own.  You ever watch how presidents age immediately.  The Book of Job mentions of the leviathan ?who would approach him with a bridle??  Do our presidents likewise realize they?ve mounted something beyond their comprehension?  Something which feeds off them as much as they feed of it?

Its patterns to those who study history, political science, finance and philosophy are predicable.  What seem like disparate parts are often, when you take it all in, actually function in concert and resemble the same patterns as previous incarnations of this creature ? a living and breathing organism and which at a certain point and why its so crucial to keep government small and decentralized ? becomes self aware, but more importantly aware of those preparing to defend themselves against it.

Christopher Greene reported the other day that over 65 million Americans are arming up more than any other time in history.  Demand is high, ammo is scarce, semi-autos are on wait, gun shops are rationing, the list goes on.  People have been asking why do they need so many bullets?  The idea of the 2nd Amendment as traditionally envisaged by our founders is to, in the words of Thomas Jefferson:

warn rulers…that the people preserve the spirit of resistance.

The government needs the bullets because the leviathan is building up its natural immuno-response. This is a domestic arms race where the people and its government operate tit for tat.  This is the best model with which to understand what is going on. Our leaders don?t merely control the levers of government there is communication amidst the machine, autonomous from conscious decision making of our leadership. Whether there will be a tipping point is unknown what is clear is our Washington Experiment is attempting to reach lethal parity with the people it was intended to serve.

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Topher Morrison is the editor and a regular contributor at GreeneWave and creator of his own blog at PurpleSerf.com. He holds B.A.s in Political Science and Philosophy from Arizona State University. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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