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INVESTIGATED: Elite Hacker Barnaby Jack Murdered by NSA?

by on July 29, 2013 in Featured, Most Read, U.S.

INVESTIGATED: Elite Hacker Barnaby Jack Murdered by NSA?

INVESTIGATED: Elite Hacker Barnaby Jack Murdered by NSA?

Was elite hacker Barnaby Jack murdered? Was he another victim of the information war in a long laundry list of conspiracy deaths, people and journalists like Michael Hastings, political advocates like Andrew Breitbart, Internet activists like Reddit co-owner Aaron Swartz, Navy Seals like Chris Kyle and potential future targets like NSA leaker Edward Snowden?

Was he killed? Or did he die of natural causes? I’m Christopher Greene and you’re watching AMTV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA TELEVISION. And this is an exclusive investigative report.

For those of you who don’t know Jack, Barnaby Jack was a loved and very well respected New Zealand hacker and security expert who was scheduled to speak at the annual Black Hat Security conference in Las Vegas Nevada later this week. Barnaby was particularly admired for his showmanship and very well known for his demonstration in 2010 that showcased his uncanny but not surprising ability to hack into ATM machines. What he called “jackpotting “at the time, Jack demonstrated to the world just how easy it was to hack into these automated teller machines from the comfort of his hotel room and make it rain cold hard cash. His exploitation of this security breach at the time made national headlines.

But what was Barnaby Jack, a beloved and well respected expert in his field doing with this information and what was he about to reveal in Las Vegas before his tragic death at only 36-years old?

Regarded by many as a security genius, Barnaby was about to present to the world his frightening but not surprising ability to assassinate a victim of his choosing by hacking into a pacemaker via remote control over a simple Wi-Fi connection. With a few lines of code, Barnaby Jack was going to show you how he could literally make your heart stop. He was also going to demonstrate just how easy it was to deliver a lethal dose of insulin from an insulin pump wirelessly connected from a distance of up to 300ft away, causing it to release all of its toxic contents into the pancreas at once, instantly killing its victim. These are obviously extremely controversial presentations.

So what exactly happened to Jack? Did someone intentionally prevent him from talking and who would have an interest in his elimination?

According to a circulation journal published on the American Heart Association’s website in 2002, there are about 3 million people worldwide who have implanted pacemakers, and each year over 600,000 new pacemakers are surgically implanted. Wires directly connected to the heart. That’s a lot of potential security breaches.

Large pharmaceutical companies like Medtronic make billions of dollars a year selling these devices to patients unaware of their potential liability and vulnerability to a hacking attack. According to Medtronic’s 2013 annual report, total revenue topped over $8.7 billion dollars last year. That’s a lot of cash and a lot of pacemakers. Would companies like Medtronic have something to gain from the elimination of Barnaby Jack? How many billions of dollars would be lost if this security breach was properly disclosed to the public?

The annual Black Hat conference held in Las Vegas this week is a mix of some of the most brilliant, eccentric and talented security experts from all over the world. Its prized guest list include speakers from governments invested in national security, information technology, telecommunications and partnered companies like IBM and Verizon as well as individuals like Barnaby affiliated with the underground hacking community and organizations like DEFCON. According to DEFCON’s website Defcon.org, DEFCON stands for “defense condition” and in 2012 a curveball came when NSA Chief General Keith Alexander made headlines when he was announced as its surprise guest speaker. SURPRISE! In his speech last year, the General spoke to a packed room on “Shared Values” and “Shared Responsibility.” What began as an information session on what many have called one of the “spookiest” intelligence agencies on the face of the planet quickly grew into a staged recruitment speech. Was Barnaby Jack playing ball with authorities or was he a threat to national security? Would highly secretive government agencies like the NSA that are currently wiretapping our phone lines and confiscating our data have a shared interest in the elimination of someone like Barnaby Jack?

Technology that was once thought of as purely science fiction has now become a startling reality, hackers like Barnaby Jack showing us just how easy it is to exploit security loopholes within the government controlled Surveillance State that has been built around us. But who ultimately controls this power and how is it monitored? How can we be expected to trust malicious governments, potential terrorist groups or other enemies abroad wielding this new technology? Are the millions of Americans currently wearing surgically implanted pacemakers safe? Or are they just waiting for another event like Sept 11?

Recent revelations into the massive Surveillance State from leakers like former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has only reaffirmed our already suspected fear that the merger of information technology with government is a dangerous precedent to set and has only heightened our vulnerability to security breaches, system malfunctions and individual liberty. In a world entirely dominated by information technology, from algorithms trading at hyper speed in our securities markets to devices monitoring our heart rate, we are now involuntary guinea pigs in an information war dominated by corporate interests and government power.

And with so many young people dying connected to this information revolution, hackers like Barnaby Jack, Internet activists like Reddit co-owner Aaron Swartz, investigative journalists, political advocates and Navy Seals like Michael Hastings, Andrew Breitbart and Chris Kyle, we have to ask the question? Is there a hidden information war being fought right underneath our noses? And more importantly, who’s winning?


Christopher Greene is the creator of AMTV.

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