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GreeneWave Needs Your Help!

GreeneWave is rapidly growing our alternative media television network in 2012 and we need help from those of you passionate about freedom and liberty! We are currently looking for people with the following skills to join our organization:

*Please email your resume, a few samples of your work and areas of interest to info@amtvmedia.com

1. Writers

We need talented writers to help us with our daily content rotation writing for the following topics: Economic Collapse, Global Politics, Lifestyle & Activism, Police State, Big Brother, U.S. Constitution & Law, World at War, War on Terror, Technology, Precious Metals Investing, Prepping, Health & Wellness and more!

2. Editors

We need skilled editors to help manage our writing staff and daily workflow for publishing. Editors will work directly with our writing staff and be responsible for spelling/grammar checks, meeting deadlines and maintaining the integrity of our content.

3. Website Development & SEO

We need an experienced programmer to help us with custom website development and design. We also need help building a proprietary video hosting/delivery system and advertising platform.

4. Video Production / After Effects Guru

We need an awesome After Effects guru to help us design custom intros/outros, lower thirds and other special effects for our daily videos. We really need a pro in this area to help us take our video production to the next level! (See existing, Intro 1 and Intro 2)

5. Logo Design

We need a talented logo designer to help us refine and build upon the existing GreeneWave brand. Please use our existing logo as a basis for your creative inspiration and send us some samples! (See existing Logo 1 and Logo 2)

6. Filmmakers & Studio Equipment

I am interested in working with local filmmakers for GreeneWave video production as well as several ideas for an upcoming documentary film. I need people with film and production experience as well as access to equipment in our local area of Phoenix, Arizona. If you are passionate about liberty and freedom and want to work in a collaborative effort to help bring one of our many ideas/concepts to real life, then please contact me with your info!

7. Financial Support

If you don’t have the technical skills or the time to give another great way to help is simply donate a few bucks. As a completely independent media organization free from corporate tyranny, your financial support is vital to continue to operate and grow our organization. Please donate today and help GreeneWave take alternative media to the next level!

8. Marketing  / Social Media Experts

We need those talented guerrilla marketers with thriving social networks both online and off to help us connect with other like-minded people and organizations around the world. We also need help with the marketing of our website, article/video content as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter social networks.

9. Advertising Sales

We need experienced sales professionals to help us find sponsors and advertisers to financially support our growing alternative media organization. Sales representatives will be responsible for finding and closing ad placements and sponsorships for our website, video and radio shows. Please see more info on our advertising programs and media kit here.

10. Radio Program Manager

We need a dedicated appointment setter to help manage scheduling and to coordinate and book guests for our daily radio show broadcasts. Our radio program manager will be responsible for booking, scheduling and confirming guest interviews/appearances via our shared Google calendar.

*Please email your resume, a few samples of your work and areas of interest to info@amtvmedia.com

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