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Economic Collapse – Manufactured by the U.S. Government

by on July 18, 2013 in Economy, Featured, Most Read, U.S.

Economic Collapse – Manufactured by the U.S. Government

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Economic Collapse – Manufactured by the U.S. Government


Christopher Greene is the creator of AMTV.

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  • Amaterasu Solar - July 21, 2013

    There IS a solution to this insanity and it is becoming IMPERATIVE that awareness of the solution reach the tipping point.

    With all solutions offered to date, regardless of the motive behind any given one, there is a presumption that We MUST account for Our meaningful energy expended through exchange (trade, barter, money, etc.).

    I would ask You to consider a world where the vast abundance of this planet flows to ALL of Us, unimpeded by the system of accounting for all of it that money is.

    Also consider the fact that ANY money system will allow the most ruthless and psychopathic to rise to the top – The Ones who are WILLING to oppress, live richly off the misery of Others, and believe They are “better” than the rest are the Ones who are WILLING to do ANYTHING to get money/power over Others.

    Note that most money/power on this planet “belong” to the 1% (4% is the accepted figure of the level of psychopathy in the general Human population).

    The question is… Can We get rid of the NEED for money? Can We stop accounting for the products and services We use and exchange and ALL have access to this planet’s gifts, Each to One’s comfort level? Can We move into a society that is motivated with social currency such as recognition, respect, honor, fame for having contributed to the betterment, rather than for having been ruthless enough? And if so, HOW?

    50 years of seeking and I think I might have figured it out. I ask that You watch/read these links:

    Analysis: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/forum1/index.php?topic=657.0
    PLAN: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/forum1/index.php?topic=2759.0
    Governance: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/forum1/index.php?topic=2103.0


    If You’re like Me and don’t want Your children to grow up on this corpora-fascist, New World Order, Geoengineered, Agenda 21ed, fluoridated, GMOed, Georgia Guidestoned planet….

    Spread the ideas widely. Keep it in Consciousness. Revolution in ideas, not blood. [smile]

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