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Drills Baby Drills

by on February 7, 2012 in Featured, Lifestyle

Drills Baby Drills

The Fear Monger’s Campaign

I have this overwhelming feeling of anxiety when I read an article pertaining to FEMA, especially now with the passage of the NDAA and the pending Enemy Expatriation Act. Frankly it has become quite the challenge to stay optimistic and rational when everything in our lives seem to be disintegrating and FEMA’s fear mongering campaign just adds pressure to ones inquisitive conscious to seek out any disastrous plan they may be brewing for us.

I for one am unsettled regarding the numerous drills and “preparedness” plan videos our acronym agencies are shoving down our throats.

Earthquake Preparedness???

  • On February 7th FEMA will be leading the 2nd Great Central US Shakeout drill around the New Madrid region, also known as FEMA Region 6. Earthquake preparedness. There has been no devastating earthquakes in that area since 1811-1812, but for the second consecutive year, they insist on training for a catastrophe. I’m not sure if I should be thankful for their willingness to be ready or be leary of their intention. I’ll go with leary!

I suppose with the frequent earthquakes that have devastated certain areas of our planet, roll playing drills would make most sense, but staying optimistic of their innocence is the obstacle. I really want to have faith there is no ulterior motive, but considering FEMA, home of the National Continuity Program, the controversial FEMA Camps and infamous FEMA coffins and underwater body bags…I will take my chances on being cynical.

  • Last week Los Angeles was blessed with a joint military exercise in the downtown area, complete with a Black Hawk helicopter and 6 other choppers. Soldiers and Los Angeles Police roamed the streets training for what…civil unrest? I guess they needed “real-time” as the mock city they normally train in was already booked.


The plan…indoctrinating citizens for what the future “norm” is going to consist of? I think the question that needs answered is, why is there a need to train in “urban” areas? We all believe this is a legitimate question that deserves an honest answer. Unfortunately, we are left to assume.

  • On November 9th last year the two day PACWAVE11 Tsunami Drill took place, oddly enough there was a category 3 ice storm that hit Alaska’s west coast, worst in 40 years. Things that make you go hmmm. That same day FEMA orchestrated the National Emergency Alert System test, which was an epic failure, causing some brew haha in certain areas.
  • On June 26, 2006 George Bush Jr., signed Executive Order 13407, the Public Alert and Warning System. Why FIVE years later are they implementing a national “alert” system? Take this along with all the “readiness” drills they’ve carried out over the last year and a half and come to your own conclusion.

I don’t know about you but I am growing very tired of being asked by Government Agencies, “Are you prepared?” I’ll let you know if I’m prepared if you tell what I’m “really” supposed to be prepared for!


After being asleep for so many years, it’s bitter sweet to have finally awakened.

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  • notsurprised - February 7, 2012

    Lovely picture…


    your friend and helper…

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    learn what is done to create a world of monsters google
    “Robin de Ruiter’s book, Worldwide Evil and Misery, ”
    co-author to above utube Fritz Springmeier

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